The Secret of Even Odd Lottery Number Strategy

Do you know how even and odd lottery strategy works? We have found the secret to share with you. It is a common belief of the players that all the wagers have equal chances. But it doesn’t mean you must spend your whole money on any wager. Wagers having all the even numbers and odd ones have rare chances to win lottery jackpot in 4D result. You can enhance the chance of winning 4D by crafting the wagers carefully. Luckily, you can get it done with having a good software program.

Well, it is not the whole story. It has another hidden secret you should know. No two lotteries can be the same. Applying the odd-even strategy to all the lotteries can be a costly mistake. So, consider the size of lottery too. In large lotteries, all winning numbers will be odd or even once a year or every 100 draws. A year is a long time for a single chance. So, it is not good to play all even or all odd wagers. Instead, invest on wagers that have at least a chance to win in 99 of 100 draws.

In case of small lotteries, players should be flexible and adjust thinking. All even or all odd numbers occur once in every 25 draws only. So, your decision is clear cut here.